About Rooster Cartel

Rooster Cartel is a community project that is driven to provide growth, value, and comradery to it's members. From the inception, this team has consistently provided communication, art, and entertainment to their followers. This has been compounded by the support and assistance given to fellow projects in the space while giving helping hands to countless newcomers to Hedera.
From twitter spaces to discord competitions, Rooster cartel is an inclusive community where all are welcome. This is the space where everyone comes to when they are happy, sad, or outgoing, lonely or ready to party. No matter your state of mind, entering La Hacienda with Rooster cartel will set you at ease.
Continuous growth is a term that may be frowned upon when your doctor has you step on the scale, but in the web3 world this is a factor that separates the passing fads from the lasting legacies.

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The vision of Rooster cartel is to build value using the power of this space. Community is the pillar of this project. We will continue building value within our community, collections and games using suggestions and ideas from holders.

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By creating a community of NFT enthusiasts and Digital collectors we are creating a connection between innovation and impact by re imagining development.

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